BULBS of SAFFRON (Bulbs and potted plants)

We can provide packages of saffron bulbs from 1000, 2000, 5000 to 10,000 bulbs and others.


In the saffron grounding is important to know how to choose the calibres to put into the ground. For this reason customers are advised on which calibre to buy according to their needs. The sizes depending on the diameter:

  • Crocus sativus 10/+ (3-5 flowers the 1st year)
  • Crocus sativus 9/10 (2-3 flowers the 2nd year)
  • Crocus sativus 8/9 (1-2 flowers the 1st year)
  • Crocus sativus 7/8 (1 flower the 1st year)


Our saffron bulbs originate from Piemonte’s cultivations characterized by temperate climate in summer and cold in winter. These give our saffron bulbs a complete climate adaptation that are resistant cold and drought and therefore are more resistant to any climatic situation and adaptable to any Italian soil situation.


To each order we guarantee the arrival of the goods within and not later 3 working days throughout the Italian territory. We deliver the seeds packed in special boxes where they can’t undergo temperature changes and can’t be crushed. In this way we guarantee a better quality of the saffron bulbs that don’t suffer damages that can be invisible to inexperienced hands.

Our saffron bulbs aren’t transported into refrigerated cells, as happens in foreign countries, because that alter their germination, dissipating the growth of the plant and this doesn’t guarantee the maximum flowering, causing many times the death of a high percentage of seeds purchased.

The saffron bulbs from foreign countries have to endure temperature changes, transport in refrigeration cells and there isn’t guarantee of how they’re transported, handled and coiled. Sometimes because of distraction or rush the packs are bumped causing damage to the seeds. For this reason we don’t advise to buy saffron bulbs from foreign countries. Many times thinking of saving we don’t care about the long ways that the seeds have to travel to get the destination.


Often traders don’t provide useful information, because their purpose is just sold. They don’t provide useful advice on how to start saffron cultivation.
The National Plant Health Service controls our Saffron bulbs that which allows it to sell with certified authorization.

we give to any customer an annual consultation about soil preparation, about cultivation and harvesting, about drying of flowers, about equipment and packaging. This gives a relationship based on trust and friendship, based on the common purpose of cultivation saffron...


You can choose the sizes and quantity that best suits your needs, fill the form below or call us for more information.

Minimum order: 500 saffron bulbs
For quantities greater than 10,000 saffron bulbs is advisable to order by March, in this way we have more time for prepare your order by ensuring a more accurate bulb selection.

Each order will certify the source of the bulb; a business statement will be issued on the origin and on the cultivation of them.


LISTINO PREZZI 2018 - due torri piemonte

Cormi di zafferano - due torri piemonte

We have saffron bulbs of every diameter

Crocus sativus - size 10+
(4-5 flowers first year)
1000 corms € 260.00
(0.26 € ad unità) + shipping cost
Crocus sativus - size 9/10
(2-3 flowers first year)
1000 corms € 240.00
(0.24 € ad unità) + shipping cost
Crocus sativus - size 8/9
(1-2 flowers first year)
1000 corms € 220.00
(0.22 € ad unità) + shipping cost
Crocus sativus - size 7/8
(One flower first year)
1000 corms € 140.00
(0.14 € ad unità) + shipping cost

*Prices to be considered without taxes (10%)

**Valuable listing up to 10,000 bulbs: for higher orders and estimates, additional discounts will be applied with customized estimates on request.

***To every supply, you will be able to get a free phone counselling on all the first cultivation cycle of the species Crocus Sativus L. and a visit to our facilities in our company..


Please ask us for more information or quote, our Staff will respond as soon as possible, trying to satisfy every request


We are in via Ottavio Borla 5 - 10070 Fiano Torinese (TO)
also write to Mail: info@zafferanoduetorri.it or
contact us for technical information at +39 3451026801 also via WhatsAPP

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